Mental fitness.
An action-oriented program designed for men to reach maximum performance and a fulfilled life.
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Menty App. The coach in your pocket.

No talk required. The app is an easy access to your mental health - anywhere and anytime. It’s designed by science and made for men.

Digital sessions.
For men.

Want to get an expert by your side? We got you covered. Our psychologists and therapists coach you through a tough situation or even through a bigger crisis.

The first mental health app for men.
The app works just like Instagram or TikTok. But we designed it in a way, so that scrolling doesn’t mess with your mind but actually benefits your mental health. Don’t believe us? Try it.
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The first mental health app for men.
No dance videos, no lunch pics. Our team of psychologists continuously curates  content out of millions of social media posts. Only see what it is relevant to you.
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The first mental health app for men.
Go deeper with Exercises. We have designed them for men and their problem solving strategies. Based on science. Your handy way to tackle your challenges.
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Whatever you need, we are with you.

Deadline here, side project there. And at home there is a ton to organize as well. We help you build long-lasting stress resilience.

Reduce stress

Trouble falling asleep or sleeping through? We help you with techniques to improve your sleep and regain performance for the challenges of the day.

Improve sleep

You are triggered easily and overwhelmed by your emotional reaction? We teach you anger management strategies so you stay in control - always.

Manage anger

Be assured you are not alone in feeling alone. Our program hands you tools to handle loneliness and grow based on your experiences.

Handle loneliness

This is for all the single gents out there. Whether you want a new relationship or not. We equip you with what you need to find fulfilment while being single.

Being single

Relationships are tough. And good relationships require work. We help you with strategies to improve  your communications, sex life, and self-fulfilment within the relationship.

Improve relationship

Did you know swimming legend Michael Phelps deals with anxiety? You are not alone with it, man. We support you on your journey to manage your anxieties better.

Deal with anxiety

Feels like too much - too much gaming, porn, alcohol, smoking? Whatever it is for you - let’s get started together to reduce it to healthy levels.

Reduce consumption

Is Menty right for you?
Prevention to boost your mental strength
“I use Menty to enhance my stress resilience. It doesn't feel like a science-based health product - it’s fun and it works.”
Richard (28), USA
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Is Menty right for you?
A solution designed for men
“I tried dozens of mental health and mindfulness coaching apps - nothing really resonated with me. Menty, designed with men in mind – it feels like the perfect fit.”
David (24), Germany
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Is Menty right for you?
Kickstart your mental health work
“I struggled with my mental health for years. But when it impacted my academic performance, I knew I had to take action. Menty was the perfect first step to take!”
Noah (22), Austria
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